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Philips Introduces New Anesthesia Machine

08th January 2013

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Philips is introducing to the market the IntelliSave AX700 anesthesia machine as well as the IntelliVue MX400 and MX450 patient monitors. The AX700, a machine that features a touch screen-based user interface and electronic gas mixing for precision control and display of gas mixtures, as well as a host of advanced ventilator modes, communicates with the patient monitors via the IntelliBridge system and everything can be hooked up to a Philips IntelliSpace anesthesia system or the hospital’s central information system.


Philips focused on reducing the size of the devices, making everything more ergonomic and intuitive to operate, as well as easy to clean.

The Philips anesthesia product, IntelliSave AX700, which recently received 510(k) clearance, is designed to meet the specific demands of anesthesiologists. As the centerpiece of the complete anesthesia workstation solutions from Philips, this product includes support for low-flow and minimal-flow anesthesia, as well as extensive ventilation capabilities, all packed in a slim and ergonomic, modern design.

Additional capabilities – such as advanced ventilation modes like Pressure Regulated Volume Target, or special support for neonatal or heart-lung machine (HLM) scenarios – are also available. The product also offers the option of a built-in Multigas Module to monitor the levels of different gases. The platforms are adjustable to an anesthesiologist’s personal needs, and make use of a breathing system which is compact in size, allowing for easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning. The products include built-in features to support patient safety.

The IntelliSave AX700 communicates with Philips IntelliVue patient monitors via IntelliBridge, a single, standards-based point of interoperability. This enables transfer of data from the AX700 to an anesthesia/clinical information system such as Philips IntelliSpace Anesthesia or Hospital Information System (HIS).

Both the MX400 and 450 are up to 10 percent lighter than the previous MP20/30 series, and have a built-in comfort handle that can accommodate shifting center of gravity for enhanced portability. These monitors also share the design of the rest of the IntelliVue MX family, optimized for easy cleaning and disinfection.