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Quality Policy & Quality Objectives

Quality Policy 

TrioMed Ltd is committed to establishing and maintaining  high quality standards, to ensure quality products, services and on time delivery that fully satisfies customer requirements and expectations. This is achieved by:


  1. Providing  quality products and services
  2. Thriving on continuous improvement and meeting objectives
  3. Continually meeting the relevant essential health and safety requirements
  4. Protecting and enhancing the environment
  5. Continuously developing and improving relations with our clients and suppliers.


Project Quality Objectives


Providing high quality products and services

  • Product:  Evaluate suppliers of products and parts.
  • Servicing: Prompt response to requests and follow-up


Thriving on continuous improvement and meeting objectives

  • Hold meetings/presentations with customers, regulatory personnel, architects, consultants, etc., re: planning of the works at the initial project planning stage. 
  • Improving productivity on site by daily monitoring.


Encouraging employee involvement and development

  • Training for on-site employees in safety aspects and cleanliness.
  • Respect of Health and Safety issues and reduce work impact on adjacent areas.


Protecting and enhancing the environment

  • Use of environmentally friendly products.
  • Correct and systematic waste separation and disposal.