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About TrioMed

TrioMed Ltd.

Established in 2005, TrioMed Ltd has been involved in numerous medical equipment supply projects both locally and abroad. Originating as official Philips distributors, our hands-on medical experience and specialized services dates back to 1982 and has always been a dedicated group, specializing in holistic customer support and advisory services, successfully attaining a professional and sound reputation. TrioMed Ltd has since increased its diversified company portfolio representing many other trustworthy and reliable companies, manufacturers and corporations, both directly and indirectly involved in the medical sector. Our client base includes private and public hospitals, University of Malta and the Primary healthcare sector on the Maltese Islands.


Our collective mission is to provide the best quality products, in such a way that it contributes towards added value to the customer.  We achieve this by continuously striving to improve the quality of our services as individuals and as a team, working in harmony with our clients, end-users and the environment.


On environmental policy, we at TrioMed Ltd take the necessary steps to protect and enhance the environment both at site and surroundings and assist our clients to reach such aims.  We are sensitive to the need to improve the environmental issues of our clients and that of our islands.  We involve all our staff in the best utilization of resources, education and care of the environment.


TrioMed Ltd.’s Management System enables the company to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of our system, including processes for continual improvement of the system. These procedures define the responsibilities and requirements that will enable a clear understanding and consistency in meeting the customers’ requirements, while the control of the quality system is ensured by the appointed Responsible Person within the Management.





TrioMed Ltd ensures that customer requirements are defined and are met. Standard procedures ensure that the customer’s requirements, including delivery and post delivery activities are determined and are consistently met with the aim of enhancing the customer’s satisfaction. This is our main goal; to achieve total customer satisfaction through a commited holistic approach to each and every customer.